Large fish cooler needs to be cleaned
Gun is a model 311 and is in excellent condition. Price negotiable sell or trade.
New shooting house for hunters. Light weight, can be towed behind an ATV. Has 8ft sleds for easy moving. Sliding windows, octagon shape - very stable. Dried leaf in color inside and out. Small shelves for accessories. Stay hidden, dry, and out of the wind. Easy set up. Perfect for hunting clubs or private land. Shingle roof for less noise in the rain. Solid construction will last for many years...
"‎3 Tippman 98 Custom, 1 Tippman A-5 w/ E-grip & Apex Barrell, 2 18' Sniper Barrells, 1 BT-4 IronHorse w/ Apex barrell quick response trigger, auto hopper, stock,5 mask,7 pod holders, 1 remote coil, 4 20oz tanks, 2 12oz tanks, 4 9oz tanks, toolbox, squeegee, 500balls...$600.00 for EVERYTHING!!!!!!" Call or Text 205-747-5927
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